Who We Are

American Source International Global Supply Solutions helps you find strategic solutions for your global purchasing requirements. We’re a USA-based limited company with over 10 years of experience sourcing, manufacturing and importing products from the Middle East.

So if you’re a business owner,procurement manager or inventor we’ll manage all aspects of your global supply chain for you, from the product design, development and image branding, right through to local delivery. It’s a comprehensive, end-to-end global purchasing solution.

American Source International removes the middleman. We go straight to the source, matching your company with factories that have the capabilities to meet your needs.

There are no language barriers or cultural differences for you to overcome. We have offices in the Middle East, United States and collaboratives with factories throughout the country.

United States offers massive potential for small, medium and large companies to benefit from reduced costs. All you need is a sourcing company who can make the right introductions to the right factories… Key benefits of partnering with American Source International Global Supply Solutions.

As USA has grown in stature to become the world’s premier manufacturing base, so we’ve been building up our database of trusted suppliers in key manufacturing regions.

  • Increase your bottom line profits
  • Create own-brand product solutions
  • Heighten your competitive advantage

​Global sourcing without the risks
So if you’re looking for a lower cost on your products, parts or processed materials – without any loss in quality – enlist the help of a company that will do the legwork for you. A company you can trust to deliver the best quality, reduced prices, on-time delivery and the highest levels of customer service.

Talk to one of our team and make it happen.​

We’re a USA based company with additional offices in Jeddah Saudi Arabia and Italy. So we have a team in the USA and a team in Saudi Arabia and Italy. That means when you start sourcing in Saudi Arabia, we can take care of factory audits for you – and keep a strict eye on quality control.

The Global team – sourcing experts in the USA and USA Product sourcing in United States? Then you’ll hear an awful lot about the cultural gap between East and West; about how hard it is to bridge that gap. But with teams in United States, Middle East and Europe we don’t have that problem. And neither will you. You’ll work through a dedicated account Manager who’ll liaise with all the right people; they’ll oversee your project from start to finish and keep you in the loop at all times.

With our reliable local contacts in United States and our understanding of the way things work on both sides, we reduce your risk and can guarantee maximum quality every time.

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